“To Have and To Hold From This Day Forward”

You can choose where you would like your ceremony to take place.  There is a beautiful site located in the lower field, with seating for guests.

The courtyard is available between the barns if preferred. 

There is a site beside the grape arbor on the hillside as well.

The courtyard, in-between two authentic country barns is the perfect spot to have cocktails after the ceremony and while pictures are being taken. Measuring 45’ by 60’, the courtyard is exposed to the interior of the reception area through a huge sliding barn door. While the reception is going on, guests can easily travel in and out as they please.

The Farm, The Barn, The Charm

Benches and furniture are available outside for seating in the courtyard. Throughout the celebration the courtyard remains a place for mingling or catching some fresh air from the dance floor. As the night grows longer, and guests are looking a treat, the Sizzle and Fry Shack is available to be opened for hand-cut fries and burgers. 

The farm has excellent cell phone reception.

The Garden