Windy Lane farm was the first certified organic farm in Northwestern Ontario. People enjoyed the drive to the farm for fresh vegetables, chicken and eggs from the Saturday Morning Markets. Ken and Sandy still grow vegetables and lots of pumpkins on the farm today.

Ken raises beef and pork and sells it when in supply. The Farm also produces hay for the many horse owners in the district. You may see cows grazing in the pasture.

At 80 years old, the barn is an impressive structure.

It was built by a Finnish carpenter, Elmer Ahonan, to house livestock in the basement, and loose hay in the loft. Repairs were needed to save the north wall so, at the time, Ken cut trees on the farm hillside and had lumber sawn by his uncle’s sawmill. The Barn was repaired and Ken painted “STADEY AND SONS” on the peak.  

The Farm

At a time where structures this age are torn down in the name of ‘progress.’ The Barn at Windy Lane has stood the test of time.

The Stadey family has enjoyed many celebrations in the barn over the years. The farm hosted many “Giant Pumpkin” contests, which evolved into other contests around the Township. Fundraisers, birthdays, anniversaries and baby showers have been held in the Barn as well. One of their sons was married on the farm and held their reception in the Barn. Since then, the Barn has been hosting more weddings. Couples are enjoying all the good things that the barn has to offer!

The Barn

The entrance to the farm is defined by the timeless quarter of a mile long driveway.

Lined with spruce trees, flowering crabs, rhubarb plantings and saskatoon trees, the driveway is perfect background for photographs. There is a parking lot adjacent to the driveway, and room for buses to turn around in the farmyard.

The Charm

The farmyard boasts terraced hillside gardens accented by maple and apple trees.

Guests are encouraged to wander the grounds and enjoy the view of the Nor’Wester mountains from the hilltop. Benches are situated throughout for picture opportunities, resting or just enjoying the view.