Dance the Night Away

There is no better place for a country, glamorous, or rustic style wedding than the Barn at Windy Lane, whose large hayloft door slides open to welcome you to its original wooden beams inside and a hardwood plank dance floor.


The main hall area of the Barn affords room to seat 125 guests, and more can be accommodated with the addition of a large tent. Tables and chairs are included and there are many smaller tables available for the card and welcome table, DJ/sound production table, dessert table and head table. Tables and seating may be easily removed to clear the dance floor. A ramp welcomes wheelchair access to the reception area.

There is a large wagon wheel chandelier above the bar, and string lights hanging inside. You can modify lighting and add decorations. There are many eclectic furnishings available to stylize your wedding, country, rustic, vintage, boho, and farm or garden style.

The bar is located in the corner of the Barn, equipped with a double-door fridge and freezer space for ice. Events hosted at the barn that serve alcohol will require clients to apply for an SOP, Special Occasion Permit for serving liquor. This allows each client to customize their liquor selection to their guests.

There are two entrances to the Barn. A set of boarded steps follows through the old store, with a large sliding barn door entering off the Courtyard. The old store has room for caterers to operate from, or for DIY buffet setup. This includes an area for a coffee and tea table. This space can also be used for cake and dessert serving as well. Both entrances provide convenient proximity to portable facilities, which have a designated pad on the grounds.